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Ancoo is a professional battery distributor for Panasoic, Sanyo, Sony, Samsung, LG, Molicel, BAK, BYD etc. Our main products are cylindrical Li-ion cells, prismatic Li-ion cells, Ni-MH battery cells, primary Lithium batteries and custom battery pack, many of them had passed UL\CB\MSDS\UN38.3. Our technical center can help you design and produce a custom battery pack to match your power requirements, used in medical, defense, aerospace, industrial, and green energy markets, we offer one-stop-shop service and ensure that what we supply are the best quality products. Ancoo has over 10 years of experience in the market, our products are widely exported to the North American, European, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries around China。

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Railway Freight

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Intelligent lighting

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Industry information

  • 18 2020-10 Sanyo Lithium Batteries
    We distribute Sanyo Lithium LI-ION batteries MH12383, with MSDS UN38.3 RoHS CB IEC62133
  • 18 2020-10 Panasonic Lithium Batterie
    We distribute Panasonic LI-ION cells, MH12210 Lithium batteries, with MSDS UN38.3 RoHS CB IEC62133
  • 18 2020-10 MURATA Lithium batteries
    We distribute MURATA Li-ion cells, SONY Lithium batteries MH12566, with MSDS UN38.3 RoHS CB IEC62133
  • 18 2020-10 Samsung Lithium-ion Batteries
    We distribute Samsung Li-ion cells, Lithium-ion Batteries MH21015, with MSDS UN38.3 RoHS CB IEC62133
  • 18 2020-10 LG CHEM Lithium-ion Batteries
    We distribute LG Li-ion cells, LG Lithium Batteries MH19896, with MSDS UN38.3 RoHS CB IEC62133