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Stock List of Battery Cells for Bulk Sales 23-Feb-2022

18650 cells 20700/21700 cells
Brand Models Sanyo NCR20700B 4250mAh 15A
Samsung 11Q/15M/20R/20S/25R Molicel INR-21700-P42A 4200mAh 45A
Samsung 22F/26J Samsung INR21700-40T 4000mAh 45A
Samsung 26J1 (26JT/26JM) Samsung INR21700-50E 5000mAh
Samsung 26J3/29E/32E/35E LG M50T/M50LT 5000mAh
Murata V3B/2100mAh/15A All of FDK and Panasonic Ni-MH cells
Panasonic NCR18650F/2900mAh FDK HR-AAU 1650mah
Panasonic NCR18650PF/2900mAh FDK HR-4/5AU 2150mah
Panasonic BD/3200mAh/10A FDK HR-3U-2500 2700mah
Panasonic GA6W/3500mAh/10A FDK HR-AU 2700mah
SANYO UR18650RX/2050mAh FDK HR-4/3AU 4000mah
SANYO UR18650AA/2200mAh FDK HR-4/3FAU 4500mah
SANYO UR18650ZM2/2550mAh Other cells
SANYO UR18650FM/2600mah Panasonic
NCR18500A 2040mAh
SANYO NCR18650BF/3350mAh Panasonic NCA103450 2350mAh
SANYO NCR18650GA/3500mAh Panasonic NCA103450+fuse 2350mAh
LG HB2/HB3/1500mAh/20A Sanyo UF103450PN 1880mAh
LG HE2/HE4/2500mah/20A Sanyo UF103450P+fuse 1880mAh
LG M26/2600mah/10A Samsung SDI  NMC 94Ah
LG M29/2900mAh/10A BYD LP103450A 2000mAh
LG MH1/3200mAh/10A Molicel ICP1003450B 1800mAh
LG MJ1/3500mAh/10A Molicel ICP103450CA 1960mAh
LG F1L/3350mAh Molicel ICP-103450-M20A 2000mAh
Molicel ICR-18650J 2.4Ah Molicel ICP103450DA 2200mAh
Molicel P26A/2600mAh/35A Sanyo UF463450F 920mAh
EVE 26V/29V/33V Sanyo UF553450Z 1150mAh

1. All are on stock for sales.

2. Date code: Most of them are within half a year.

3. 100% Brand New with original packing.

4. FOB Shenzhen or Hong Kong.


Contact: Michael Lee

Phone: +86-18688-788968


Add: No.2, Hongye South 2 Rd, Tangxia, Dongguan, China, 523710