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Molicel - E-One Moli Energy Corp.

E-One Moli Energy Corp. established in 1998, a world-class manufacturer of high performance, superior quality rechargeable lithium-ion cells product.

Known for more than 40 years’ leading position in battery industry by the brand name MOLICEL®, E-One Moli has been focusing on ultra-high power cylindrical cell niche segment; its profound technology and fast growing production capacity have been recognised by global OEMs in the fields of motorsports and high-end automotives, aircrafts, medical, home appliances and power tools.

MOLICEL® was founded in 1977, an early research group dedicated in lithium battery.

A brand known for first manufacturer of lithium metal rechargeable cell in the world and first Li-ion cell in North America.
A brand proud of its own self-challenge gene, technology & quality achievements and customers' revolutionary successes.

Molicel Ultra-High Power Cells

Why Molicel?Most featuring products among cylindrical power cells
  • High discharge current. Rated for continuous 20A discharge and pulse discharge in excess of 50A
  • Fast charge 2C+
  • Exceptional cycle life with consistent performance
  • Low temperature operation down to -40°C
  • High thermal stability, high reliability
  • Very low impedance (Especially P42B and P45B)

Model Typical Cap. Nominal Volt Discharge (Max.) D (mm)(MAX) H (mm)(MAX) W (g) (MAX)
IHR-18650C 2.0Ah 3.6V 20A 18.6 65.2 47
INR-18650-P26A 2.6Ah 3.6V 35A 18.6 65.2 50
INR-18650-P28A 2.8Ah 3.6V 35A 18.6 65.2 46
INR-18650-P28B 2.8Ah 3.6V 40A 18.6 65.2 48
INR-21700-P42A 4.2Ah 3.6V 45A 21.7 70.2 70
INR-21700-P42B 4.2Ah 3.6V 45A 21.7 70.2 70
INR21700-P45B 4.5Ah 3.6V 45A 21.55 70.15 70

Molicel Medium Power Cells

Why Molicel?Excellent energy density for mid-rate discharge and cycle life
  • High energy density
  • High voltage (3.6V)
  • Excellent low & high temperature performance (-30°C~45°C)
  • Highly safe and stable
  • Long cycle life
  • Good for long time storage characteristics
Model Typical Cap. Nominal Volt Discharge (Max.) D(mm)(MAX) H (mm)(MAX) W (g) (MAX)
INR18650-M30A 3Ah 3.6V 10A 18.6 65.2 48
INR18650-M35A 3Ah 3.6V 10A 18.6 65.2 48
INR21700-M50A 4Ah 3.6V 15A 21.7 70.2 68
ICP103450-M20A 5Ah 3.6V 6A 10.8 x 34 x 50 42

Molicel Energy Cells

Why Molicel?LCO and NMC chemistry. Excellent performance in calendar life, safety and reliability.
  • Long supply cycle
  • High safety
  • Wide range operating temperature for charge and discharge
  • Long life cycle
  • Good for long time storage characteristics
Model Typical Cap. Nominal Volt Discharge(Max.) D(mm)(MAX) H (mm)(MAX) T (mm)(MAX) W (g) (MAX)
IHR18650B 2.25Ah 3.6V 5A 18.4 65.2 47.5
ICR18650J 2.37Ah 3.7V 4.6A 18.4 65.2 48
ICR18650K 2.6Ah 3.7V 5A 18.6 65.2 50
ICP103450B 5Ah 3.7V 4A 33.9 49.4 10.8 46
ICP103450CA 5Ah 3.7V 2.5A 34 50 10.8 41.5
ICP103450DA 5Ah 3.7V 2.5A 34 50 10.8 41.5


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